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Lots of people even in the health food world seem to think that just because they eat healthy they are immune to sun damage. This, however, fails when observation and study is done. Let's first take a look at observation proof. Here is Dr. David Jubb, a life food raw vegan who spent years working indoors with his microscope and then in NY city at his restaurant. This was him during that time.

Not many people on Earth eat better than this man. He is extremely into fasting, polyphasic eating, organic raw vegan foods and making sure his liver and gallbladder are constantly being cleansed. Then, he got into playing his flute and spending his days outside in nature, moving from NY and traveling much more. This was him at that time. Amazing radiant skin, on its way out! Watch the progress ...

This is him today (below), after about a decade of heavy sun exposure.

You see, the problem comes from three issues. Yes, eating right protects your skin, but only to a certain degree because antioxidants can only go so far. Let me explain …

Fruits protect the skin the most because of their Vitamin antioxidants (C, E, A, D,  astaxanthin, retinol, etc.), their Polyphenols (EGCG, resveratrol, curcumin, genestin and others), Flavonoids and many enzymes.

This study illustrates that skin wrinkling in a sun-exposed site in older people of various ethnic backgrounds may be influenced by the types of foods consumed. In particular, a high intake of vegetables, legumes and olive oil appeared to be protective against cutaneous actinic damage (collectively explaining 20% of the variance); a high intake of meat, dairy and butter appeared to be adverse (explaining <5% of the variance). Prunes, apples and tea explained 34% of variance amongst Anglo-Celtic Australians. Notice that NOTHING is 100% protective!

Under our skin flows a layer of subcutaneous fat. This lipid layer can be made up of either rancid oils from ingested cooked foods or healthy protective lipids from unprocessed beneficial organic plant oils. The worse we eat the less protective this fat layer is going to be. Also, keep in mind that fat is not digested like the rest of food ingested because fat does not mix with water. First, bile forms a coating over fats, then enzymes cleave them into smaller bile-covered pieces called micelles. Then cells in the lining of your small intestine absorb the tiny micelles. Next, they have to travel through our entire lymph system (MCT’s are the exception). This lymph system is part of our immune system, so when you see people with bad acne this is because the body is trying hard to throw out this rancid oil the body doesn't want. Even with the most protective fats in the diet, they only help a maximum of around 25% in studies.  

Skin cells when damaged via specifically sun oxidation will start to die quickly. When one cell dies, you still have a chance to be ok, because that cell can still clone itself (mitosis) which prevents wrinkles, enables sun burns to heal, and enables a much lower skin cancer risk. However, when too much sun exposure occurs it kills too many cells, so few are left to go through mitosis. This results in our skin becoming thinner, more easily damaged, loses volume and elasticity, and can sag and wrinkle. No matter how many anti-oxidants, healthy fats, or happy thoughts you have they cannot offset over sun exposure. The suns exposure to UV light breaks down your skins connective tissue — collagen and elastin fibers, which lie in the deeper layer of skin (dermis). So, if you burn you have damaged your skin. Today, even if you do not burn you cause minute damage and after time, it all adds up. A weaker Ozone is the major reason for this, including the spike in skin cancer rates. God would not create our own light source that would kill us. We have destroyed our Ozone and the results suggest that ultraviolet radiation (UVR)  exposure is not beneficial for longevity.

This study found that green tea was able to protect skin against harmful UVR and help improve women’s skin quality. After a few months on green tea there was a 16% reduction in skin roughness and a 25% reduction in scaling.

I would like to add that no disrespect was meant to Dr. David Jubb. I have much respect for this man and have learned a lot from him personally. I do feel that it is necessary to use real life examples so that people can easily see ways that others in our movement have failed. My hope is that we can all learn from this and grow in our knowledge so that we can take this information to be the very best that we can be in our own health. There are also many other examples of people with sun damage in the raw food community if you really look. Keep in mind that some people (especially women) hide it well with makeup and clothing that they wear. If you are able to get a good look at them though without makeup and also in areas around their neck, chest and hands, it is easy to see the damage. Below are some more examples from various gurus in the raw food movement. 
Check out this transformation:
Here's another one:
And here's a few from the ladies ... photoshop and makeup help, but the arms and chest don't lie. 

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