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Buddy and I

Hello world! 👋🏼 For my second blog post I would like to introduce myself. My name is Lucy, I’m 35 and have been a vegan for 11 years and a raw foodist for 3 years. My primary job is being a pet sitter/dog walker, which is so much fun because I love animals. I am also a graphic designer and have just started my own business putting my designs on clothing, etc. I also help out at my in-laws art gallery a few nights a week which helps with my artistic inspiration. 


I started off this journey thanks to my best friend Katie who was transitioning from vegetarianism to veganism. I was curious about it, so I borrowed a book from her called skinny bitch which was all about veganism and health. After reading the book I decided to try a 30 day challenge to go vegan. During these 30 days I felt the best that I had ever felt. I would eat and no longer feel exhausted and like I needed to take a nap. I also effortlessly lost weight without even meaning to. After the challenge was up I decided to stay vegan and continue to educate myself about it by buying several books and subscribing to some vegan magazines. Fast forward seven years later and I found out about raw food and decided to dabble in it until I realized that I felt even better eating foods that were living as compared to cooked and processed. This journey has led me to my now fiancé, Matt, who has been a raw vegan for almost 20 years. I have been so blessed by his knowledge of health and have learned so much our past 2 years together. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant 🤰🏻 with our first child. I’m so excited and have been busy researching everything I can about how to ensure I am doing the best practices to have a super healthy baby. In this blog, I plan to share my journey with you from recipes to education on health-related topics to things I’m doing for my pregnancy. Please feel free to comment on my posts if you have any questions or anything you would like to share. I love connecting with others so we can grow together in our knowledge. 

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