Coconut Banana Yum Yum Puree


Coconut Banana Yum Yum Puree

One of my favorite things about Asher being able to eat solid foods is experimenting with different fruits, coming up with recipes he will enjoy. I know a lot of you mamas may be struggling to figure out what to feed your little one and I'm here to share what works for us. Here is one of my winning, tried and true recipes for Asher that he really loves! 👏🏼😍 This one is right up there with durian ice cream (his all-time favorite).

Here’s the recipe for any of your mamas who want to give it a try!


  • 1 ripe banana 🍌
  • The meat from 1 young Thai coconut 🥥
  • 3 soft medjool dates
  • A pinch of Ceylon cinnamon


  1. Blend it up in your blender until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. Makes several servings depending on your baby's appetite!

*The spoons in the picture above are Olababy's Silicone Training Spoons. They are great for teaching your baby how to self feed as they are easy to grip and soft in case they bang the spoon against their teeth/gums. 

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