Durian Ice Cream Recipe

Durian Ice Cream with all the fixings


The baby and I have been in the mood for durian almost daily lately. Last night I decided to make durian ice cream, which is so quick and easy to do. The longest part is waiting for it to freeze!

In order to make it all you need is freeze dried durian and coconut water but personally I like to throw in a little freeze dried goji berry powder and ground vanilla.

One thing I love about making ice cream out of the freeze dried durian is that it makes it go farther and is also more hydrating with the addition of the coconut water. Sometimes I find after snacking on freeze dried fruits that I get really dehydrated so this helps alleviate that problem.

Durian Ice Cream Recipe (Raw, Vegan, GF)


5 cups Freeze Dried Durian

2.5 cups Coconut Water

2 tbsp Goji Berry Powder

1 tbsp Ground Vanilla


Throw all ingredients in your high-speed blender. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into a freezer safe container, cover, and place in your freezer. Should be ready to eat in 8 to 12 hours or so. Top with whatever your heart desires. I topped mine with coconut nectar, dried mulberries, and goji. Mmmm 🤤 Bon appetit!

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