I'm Lucy, a hip-pea who cares about the world. I want people to find their tribe through my quirky designs covering a diverse range of fruity products from militant vegan to a-loe you. It's all about getting the conversation going in a playful way.


Do you struggle to not be preachy when it comes to leading a plant-based lifestyle? Me too.


So ever since I made my husband a t-shirt for his birthday with his favorite fruit, Durian (now available in 57 products!), I've been designing funny and fruity products to get the conversation going about veganism. I'm a raw vegan and proud. 


This is my part in bettering the planet. It is my mission to spread the health and happeaness the vegan life has shown me so far. After 12 years of being vegan, I want to interest people in this way of life to better their lives and our planet. I am also bringing up my baby on a vegan diet.


I write in my blog how you can too!


I design funny, fruity products to get the conversation going in an easy way.


With 31 designs covering onesies for babies and hats for your husband to mugs and flip-flops, you can find something that suits you and your own tribe. I also love to take your idea and play with it by making custom designs. Are you a self-professed fan of any veggie or fruit? (Like my husband was!) I'd love to know.


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All products are high quality and sweat-shop free - things essential to me. You care about the world like me, so it's time to wear your belief and be proud, too! I also offer health and beauty products that decrease the aging process in my homemade I'm a Lovebug potions. 


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