Q: Who is behind the designs of imalovebug?
A: Hi! My name is Lucy and I am the creator of the graphic designs for imalovebug. Art has always been something I have enjoyed and I have dabbled in and out of it since I was a child. A few years ago I discovered Adobe Illustrator and taught myself how to design images on the computer. I never thought I would enjoy doing something like that so much. It's become a hobby that I want to share with others to express some ideas and images that are important to me. 

Q: Who are these designs for?
A: These designs are for people with a healthy sense of humor paired with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of cornyness. These pieces are going to "vibe" highest with vegan/egetarians, health nuts, fruitarians, breatharians, biohackers, world savers, and other related groups. 

Q: Why these groups of people? Are you a vegan?
A: I chose these groups as my target audience because they are what I am closely familiar with and can relate to the post, which is important to me. Yes, I am a vegan. "Raw beegan" to be as annoyingly precise as possible. ☺ Hahaha I went vegan back in January of 2008 and then discovered in 2016 that my opinions on bees and honey being highly flawed and unresearched. I started to consume local organic bee products while also starting a new style of eating as a  "raw, living foodist". The goal of this way of eating is to eat food in its most natural state and food that has not been cooked as this is where many of the nutrients are lost. I am still a vegan though, so that means I only eat raw (and sprouted) fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and vegetables. I am also highly into essential oils, herbs and tonic herbs. I think they are wonderful for those that are seeking not just good health but also longevity. 

Q: So you're a hippy then?
A: Ha! Yes, well, I suppose I may be a "Hip-pea"! ☺ Oooh there's another design idea! 

Q: What else can we expect to find on imalovebug? What's your vision?
A: There is a new, FREE ebook just around the corner so be on the lookout for that. It's got a variety of health recipes in it for any time of day ranging from ridiculously easy to more complex if you want something more gourmet. I am also working on a few more series of uncookbooks. These are my top secret recipes that are so dangerously good, I don't know if I should really be releasing them or not. Muahaha

I'm also working on updating the blog so that I can share what's new, give away recipes, spread inspiration, etc. 

And you can definitely expect to find a lot more fun designs on here so check back often! 

Q: Do you take on custom work? I.e. will you design a custom logo or graphic for a customers private use?
A: Yes, absolutely! I'm honored that you like my style and would be interested in a custom graphic. I would be happy to work with you privately to create a design that meets your needs. Feel free to contact me directly to pursue that route.