Save the Bees Matte Black Magic Mug
Save the Bees Matte Black Magic Mug
Save the Bees Matte Black Magic Mug

Save the Bees Matte Black Magic Mug

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Spread the word to save the bees! If the bees go extinct, so do we. Not a pretty picture at all.

Here are some things you can do to help save the bees:

• Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden/yard.

• Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals in your garden/yard.

• Leave your weeds "bee" ... at least until they are about to go to seed. A lot of weeds provide wildflowers for the bees to pollinate.

• Put out some fresh water in your yard for the thirsty bees.

• Support your local, organic farmers.

• Support your local beekeepers and buy local, raw honey.

• Become a sustainable, organic beekeeper yourself!

• Don't kill bees. If you see them, remain calm and stay out of their way. Bees are vegetarian and are not out to hurt you.

• Sign petitions and make your voice heard to the government about making changes to protect the bees.

• Share with others ways that they can help the bees!

Who doesn't love a good surprise? With this color changing coffee mug, you're definitely in for a great one. This mug has a black matte finish when it's empty. But when it comes into contact with a hot beverage, the mug reveals a beautiful print that'll always make you smile when having your drink of choice.

• Ceramic
• Black matte finish when cold
• Reveals the print when exposed to hot liquids
• Dimensions: height - 3.85" (9.8 cm), diameter - 3.35" (8.5 cm)
• Made in China. Printed in the USA and Europe

Note that in some instances the coating might not be 100% opaque and an outline of the design might peek through a little. Also, you shouldn't put the mugs in a microwave or dishwasher since it can damage the coating.