VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml
VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml
VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml
VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml
VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml

VolcanB60: Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon Atom #60 - 50 ml

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Pure Buckminsterfullerene Carbon atom #60 - 50 ml



Infused in extra virgin first cold pressed organic olive oil in the dark. Placed in a 50 ml Dark Miron Glass pipette dropper bottle to prevent oxidation.

The only other C60 on the Market is just 40mg a month dose (like the rat study). We upped that dose to 80mg! DOUBLE! Saturation is 1mg per ml because we use more purified C60 at 99.9% and crack the molecule as well rather than just dissolve.

Lipofullerene C60 semi-permanently embeds in the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria, where it acts as a reusable, recyclable antioxidant. The C60 molecule is not damaged when it accepts or donates electrons to/from free radicals. When a cell or mitochondria dies, the lipofullerene C60 can be reused by other cells. C60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has a slight positive +2 charge that attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them.

Why did we name our brand of C60 'VolcanB60'? It's a fun play on words. We decided on 'Volcan' for the fact that one of the largest natural producers of carbon are volcanoes. We chose the 'B' in B60 to stand for Buckminsterfullerene, its full name. 

Longevity; Scientific studies on animals found C60 increased rodent lifespans by between 35% to 95%. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961212003237

Telomere length is directly related to lifespan. Telomeres wrap the ends of the chromosomes and keep them stable. Oxidative stress has been found through scientific research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening, the main cause of aging. C60 reduces oxidative radicals.


Cognition Enhancement


C60 cures nocturnal cramps, a sign of aging


C60: a ‘life force agent’


It protects against radioactivity (gamma radiation)


Beneficial effect on cardiovascular health


Normally, Wistar rats die of either pneumonia or tumors. The rats that took C60 lived nearly twice as long in good health. None of them developed tumors. It is assumed that the rats in the study reached their Hayflick limit.

I have expounded upon the original formulation by taking it to the next step, by adding a higher dose and leaving it unfiltered in the final stage. This will act as a more powerful recirculatory particle and last longer in the gut similar to how turmeric works better with black pepper. The final product will be very dark in color and because of the potency that I use, one should be unable to peer through even their dropper application.

Sublimated Buckminsterfullerene powder alone with a purity between 99.97 and 99.99% costs 100 dollars a gram.

Our C60 has some unique qualities about it.

  1. It is made quickly and with no heat, greatly reducing the time that oxygen gets dissolved into the product. (This prevents oxidation, oil rancidity, and oleuropein content).
  2. It is made in total darkness and at night to never expose C60 to any form of sunlight or UV.
  3. Organic, Extra Virgin First Cold Pressed Olive oil was used for its exceptional shelf life, long body circulation time (unlike Coconut MCT) and other oils which have too fast of a transit time.  Many do not even realize that MCTs are metabolized like carbohydrates and not fats. This includes the fact that they will not be able to hold the C60 in the lipid bilayer of the cells and mitochondria as effectively because of their different lipid bonds.

Why you must choose our C60

It must be made in extremely Safe conditions! A study performed by biochemist Grohn conducted using commercially available C60 found a massive increase in tumor growth. Grohn set out to solve this mystery and in doing so developed a method to detect specific degradants of C60 which were previously undetected. Ultimately, Grohn discovered that C60-olive oil solutions are sensitive to light and that commercially available options show evidence of degradation due to light, which may cause them to become toxic. Research being conducted by Grohn now is studying the toxic nature of degraded C60.


C60 becomes a recirculated semi-permanent constituent of the mitochondrial lipid bilayer, where it functions as an extremely effective antioxidant since it is not used up and keeps getting re-absorbed in the mitochondrial lifecycle. The C60 molecule acts as an "electron reservoir" and can accept or donate multiple electrons and thus neutralize all types of free radicals indefinitely - until it leaves the body.

Directions: We recommend taking C60 with food as to allow the highest possible assimilation.

Dosage: Just 15 drops is more C60 than the animal study had done. Filling the dropper is unnecessary, but there is no upper limit to the amount ingested.  

Most ALL C60 supplements are scams.

Only 2 places on EARTH produce C60 powder! SES research in China and the US and Solaris Chem Inc in CANADA. They themselves do not even make a supplement, only the pure C60 powder which takes half a month to process into a supplement! Our C60 comes straight from Solaris Chem in Canada and not from cheap fake Russian vendors of impure C60 nor from the Chinese-owned-and-operated SES. Be advised that C60 is approximately as expensive as gold.

Only water-soluble C60 and C60 aggregates are mildly toxic. But Lipofullerenes on the other hand greatly extend the life of all organisms they were tested on, from plankton to rats, meaning negative toxicity. It also greatly protected against liver damage caused by free radicals.